[xquery-talk] Article: "Five Practical XQuery Applications"

Mark R Maxey Mark_R_Maxey at raytheon.com
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I'll throw out the use cases I'm looking at - using web services against 
heterogeneous data sources.  We have a number of data sources - RDBMSs, 
Excel docs, and proprietary formatted files - which we want to allow to 
be exposed via web services, i.e., provide services which queries the 
data sources and returns large XML docs.  Sometimes, these queries are 
for reporting purposes.  Sometimes, its to gather meta-data information 
for cataloging.  We hope that updates are added to XQuery so these same 
clients can someday submit XML via some service we provide and have it 
placed in the appropriate data source.

Michael Kay wrote:

>Actually, my reading of the article is that the examples are entirely
>hypothetical, I don't read them as case studies of things that people
>are doing today.
>Certainly it would be pretty crazy using XQuery for these applications
>today, given that they can all be done very easily with XSLT, which
>might be a bit more long-winded but is at least a stable specification
>with many robust implementations.
>What articles like this do show is that there seems to be considerable
>interest in using XQuery for "transformations", not only for database
>queries. Once both specs are stable and have mature implementations, I
>think there's going to be a lot of debate about which language to use
>for which purposes.
>Michael Kay
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>>FYI.  I just ran across this article, published in May:
>>     http://www.devx.com/xml/Article/15618
>>Realizing that the spec is still in working draft, I'd be 
>>interested to 
>>hear of other real-world problems that folks are tackling, in 
>>whole or 
>>in part, with XQuery.
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