[xquery-talk] Comparing XQuery to XSLT

Per Bothner per at bothner.com
Tue Aug 19 11:22:19 PDT 2003

rick schochler wrote:

> As far as transformations, I too see quite a bit of
> overlap. I suppose this will take some time to get
> sorted out. One thing I'll point out (with the full
> knowledge that someone will most likely show me that
> it can, in fact, be done) is that I don't see an
> obvious way to do 1 to n transformations using xquery.

The Qexo implementation has a "write-to(DATA, URL)" function
to write extra output files.  I use this for the "picture
album" application I mentioned in the previous message:
All of the linked web pages are generated by a single
XQuery "run".  My XML.com article discuss the alternatives.

Of course write-to, in addition to being non-standard,
is awkward semantically because it is a side-effect in
an otherwise side-efefct-free language.  In practice,
that may not be a problem, but it would complicate any
attempt to formally define XQuery.  The same problem
is also likely for any attempt to add updates to XQuery.
	--Per Bothner
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