[xquery-talk] Comparing XQuery to XSLT

rick schochler schochler3 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 19 14:07:04 PDT 2003

I don't think the query you describe solves my
request...that is, generating multiple .xml (or
whatever) files from a single source. Rather, it will
return two distinct nodes, it is then up to you to
determine what to do with these nodes...if they're
returned to anything checking for well-formedness,
you'll get an error message.

--- Jason Hunter <jhunter at servlets.com> wrote:
> rick schochler wrote:
> > In other words, using xslt, I can use xsl:document
> or
> > xsl:result-document to produce multiple xml,
> xhtml,
> > etc. docs from a single xml source...I don't see
> an
> > obvious way to do this via XQuery.
> Here's a query returning two document nodes:
> document { <root1/> } , document { <root2/> }
> -jh-

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