[xquery-talk] following-sibling and preceding-sibling

Alex Cheng alex at ipedo.com
Thu Jul 10 17:32:58 PDT 2003

> The XQuery WG has had this debate a number of times, and although
> are many people who would like to offer the full set of axes, we
> (so far) been able to sway the argument. But in the next draft, XQuery
> processors will be *allowed* to offer all the axes, though not
> "*required* to do so. So we-re making progress...

One axis that many people find very useful is "ancestor", especially
when dealing with XML with nested structures, e.g.

{-- Find the para in section, subsection, etc.
 -- Return the book title.
let $para := ....
return $para/ancestor::book/title

-- Alex Cheng

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