[xquery-talk] following-sibling and preceding-sibling

Alex Cheng alex at ipedo.com
Fri Jul 11 12:39:07 PDT 2003

Yes, I agree. Looking left, right, up are all useful axes to have in
XQuery. Thanks.

-- alex

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Sure. Still, it seems that it would be speedier
(especially when talking about querying large amounts
of data) for an xquery engine to look left or right,
rather than having to go back up a node tree and look
down again.
--- Alex Cheng <alex at ipedo.com> wrote:
> > The XQuery WG has had this debate a number of
> times, and although
> there
> > are many people who would like to offer the full
> set of axes, we
> haven't
> > (so far) been able to sway the argument. But in
> the next draft, XQuery
> > processors will be *allowed* to offer all the
> axes, though not
> > "*required* to do so. So we-re making progress...
> One axis that many people find very useful is
> "ancestor", especially
> when dealing with XML with nested structures, e.g.
> {-- Find the para in section, subsection, etc.
>  -- Return the book title.
>  --}
> let $para := ....
> return $para/ancestor::book/title
> -- Alex Cheng
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