[xquery-talk] Re: Debugging

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Mon May 19 13:59:05 PDT 2003

Per Bothner wrote:
> The May specification includes a trace(VALUE, STRING) function that
> is at least partly intended for debugging.  The latest CVS version of
> Qexo include the trace functions.

Thanks for pointing that out.  I hadn't noticed it yet.

It does seem odd the order of the two params is left "implementation
defined".  Per the F&O 4.1 example:

Consider a situation in which a user wants to investigate the actual
value passed to a function. Assume that in a particular execution, $v is
an xs:decimal with value 124.84. Writing fn:trace($v, 'the value of $v
is:') will put the strings "124.84" and "the value of $v is" in the
trace data set in implementation defined order.

So the output will either be English
  "the value of $v is 124.84"
or Yoda
  "124.84 the value of $v is".



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