[xquery-talk] IBM, XML for Tables

Sullivan, Sean C - MWT Sullivan.Sean at menlolog.com
Wed May 21 19:22:58 PDT 2003

IBM's "XML for Tables" project


"XML for Tables allows querying of SQL data (stored in the relational
tables) in a new language, XQuery, which is undergoing W3C approval. XML for
Tables provides functions for creating XML views of relational tables in
such a way that the SQL data are treated as if they are virtual XML
documents and they can be queried in XQuery. 

XML for Tables translates XQuery into SQL and pushes down SQL to DB2. SQL
queries produce output in tuple format; XML for Tables tags the tuple result
into XML; so the XQuery results are in an XML document. 

XML for Tables is wrapped as DB2 stored procedures, and queries are
submitted by calling the stored procedures."

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