[xquery-talk] Re: Best engine for learning?

Patrick Lehti lehti at ipsi.fhg.de
Tue May 27 15:42:44 PDT 2003

Regarding this thread, the comment of one of the users of IPSI-XQ lately
made, might be interesting:

"IPSI-XQ is the only Java-based, up-to-date, truly embeddable XQuery 
implementation. All other implementations are closed, out of date or
tied to 
expensive commercial native XML DBs."


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> Per Bothner wrote:
> >  > 2) The engine must be rigorously faithful to the specs.  People
> >  > shouldn't learn bad habits.
> > 
> > Huh?  The most recent specs are about a week old.  
> True.  I wouldn't expect conformance to the May drafts.  November 2002
> would be nice.  I actually like any engine that conforms well to a
> particular date, rather than being a mix with some-April, 
> some-November,
> and some-May for example.  It gets old trying everything 
> three different
> ways.  :-)
> > Even those have
> > plenty of inconsistencies and unclear issues.  Are there any
> > implementations are are "regorously faithful to the specs"?  Even
> > the Novembver '02 version?  
> Good question.  I'd hope to point newbies at an engine that was as
> faithful as possible, with the ideal being one where the 
> developers say,
> "It's not perfect, but we can't do anything to be more 
> compliant til the
> next draft rev clears some things up."
> > One peeve:  On the x-query.com homepage, only Qexo is listed as a
> > "partial implementation", with the misleading implication that the
> > other implementations are complete.  Qexo is complete enough
> > to do useful work with, as illustrated by the pages linked to
> > from Qexo home page (http://www.gnu.org/software/qexo/).
> >
> > I admit there are big holes;  no schema support, very limited
> > static typing (though the hooks are there), no sorting, no
> > duplicate removal in path expressions, many functions are not
> > yet implemented, builtin functions are in the wrong namespace.
> > But it has FLWR expressions, functions, typeswitch, some typing
> > support, element constructors (both kinds), namespace support
> > (except for namespace nodes), an efficient XML parser and DOM
> > representation, decent error handling, a Java interface, lots
> > of functions, and can be used in various modes, including
> > command-line and servlets.
> <grin> I knew I was getting myself into hot water by expressing any
> opinions about engines.  The list of items TBD on Qexo justifies its
> "partial" status IMO.  Whether the others can or should be inferred to
> be "complete" is debatable, but their "pending" lists seem 
> significantly
> shorter.  I don't mean to offend anyone, but I do want to provide a
> little editorial guidance for visitors so they know what to expect.
> -jh-
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