[xquery-talk] Best engine for learning?

Mike Clark mike at clarkware.com
Tue May 27 22:13:03 PDT 2003

James Duncan Davidson wrote:

> What I'd most like to see is an XQuery engine that doesn't try to hard 
> to be an NXD or web application server. All I really want is a command 
> line tool:
>     % xqueryengine [queryfile] [xmlfile]
> With the result dumping out to stdout.


I'm trying to come up to speed on XQuery by writing learning tests, so I 
also want an API I can call from my tests, as in:

    assertEquals(expectedResult, queryengine.evaluate(queryExpression, 

An engine that supports such an API is both testable and usable 
independent of any particular data source or server.


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