[xquery-talk] BumbleBee XQuery Test Harness

Jason Hunter jhunter at servlets.com
Wed Nov 12 11:48:34 PST 2003

Patrick Lehti wrote:

> I realized a number of problems in the NIST results of bumblebee, when
> going throw the results for our engine.

Yes, the NIST tests have known issues which is why they don't run by 
default.  Carmelo, who works at NIST and created those tests, is on this 
mailing list.  Carmelo, what's your progress on fixing them up?

Note we considered going through the NIST suite and fixing each test up 
by hand, but the number of tests is huge because they're auto-generated 
over various feature permutations and the work would be wasted on each 
new NIST test suite release.  Better to get the issues worked out in the 
original test generation code.


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