[xquery-talk] IPSI-XQ v1.3.1 and Stylus Studio V5

Jerry King jking at progress.com
Fri Nov 14 10:56:57 PST 2003

I read Patrick Lehti's recent posting about the availability of IPSI-XQ
v1.3.1 with great interest.  This looks like great work and I am
encouraged by all such progress in the XQuery domain.  However, I would
be remiss to not point out that Sonic Software's Stylus Studio XML tool
was the first advanced XQuery IDE available to the commercial
marketplace - with a fully functional, context sensitive auto-completion
editor.  Stylus Studio's visual XQuery mapping tool is also an
innovative visual programming environment with features such as
step-by-step debugging, backmapping, and profiling.  We hope such
features will speed the adoption of this XQuery by making it easier for
corporate developers to work with this powerful new standard.  


I welcome all inquiries and feedback concerning Stylus Studio.  You can
download a free evaluation copy at


For those of you with an interest in history, Stylus Studio was
originally built to serve as the IDE for eXcelon's XML Information
Server (XIS).  eXcelon was acquired by Progress Software in December
2002.   Stylus Studio is now sold under the Sonic Software brand.  Sonic
is a subsidiary of Progress Software Corporation.




Jerry King

Director, Business Development

XML Technologies

Progress Software Corporation

c: 207.807.7572   

jking at progress.com


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