[xquery-talk] Calling Web Services Directly

Michael Carey mcarey at bea.com
Tue Nov 18 22:21:54 PST 2003

If you get Liquid Data for WebLogic from BEA, you can point it at a WSDL
with a set of web service methods described and it'll make them callable
functions available in XQuery. (Note: Developer licenses are free, if you
want to get this to play with.)

Mike Carey

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XQuery doesn't have built-in support to call out WS.
But you can do it using Stylus Studio. We solved the problem without
extending the language, we use instead a custom URL resolver.

Ivan Pedruzzi
Stylus Studio Team

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> I went to the software conference and heard Jason's talk about XQuery.
> I am interested in playing around with it, and would like to
> build a prototype connecting to a web service and then act on
> the results coming back.
> Does XQuery support the calling of a web service directly?
> If so, can anyone point me to some example code...
> Thanks
> Michael
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