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john.zink at prudential.com john.zink at prudential.com
Wed Oct 15 16:22:00 PDT 2003

I actually have a program up and running that is using the .Net demo
version of the XQuery classes.
I need to know the future of XQuery on the mainframe and here is why.  I
have .Net server programming running that is generating XQuery statements
as part of a rules engine, but I also need the rules to run on the
mainframe.  If I can export the statements into a host program I'll be
golden;otherwise, I will need to rethink my approach.

thanks for your responses,
John Z

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Without getting into the details due to NDA issues, I can say that SQL
Server Yukon and version 1.2 of the .NET CLR will *likely* have support.


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Does anyone know what platforms XQuery will be supported on ?

Any plans to be supported on the mainframe ?

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