[xquery-talk] XQuery Platform Support

Per Bothner per at bothner.com
Wed Oct 15 13:46:59 PDT 2003

john.zink at prudential.com wrote:

> I need to know the future of XQuery on the mainframe and here is why.

A number of XQuery implementations come as source code or
as Java bytecodes.  So they will probably run if you have
a compiler for that language they're written in or a JVM
on your mainframe.

For example my own Qexo is pure portable Java, so should
run anywhere that runs Java.  (It can run on JVM 1.1,
if you re-build Qexo.)

A separate issue is the form of your data.  If your XQuery
rules just need to read and write XML text files, then must
XQuery implementation can handle that.  If you need to
interface to some database then it may be a different matter.
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