[xquery-talk] BumbleBee XQuery Test Harness

Sander Bos sander at x-hive.com
Thu Oct 16 11:30:10 PDT 2003

Dear Jason,

> > I think we produce the result in the right way, so surrounded by a
> > results element? But BumbleBee does not like it.
> Yes, you are correct.  That also is fixed in 1.0.1.

'fraid not, it just went from 596 such errors to 546, e.g.

       {xdt:yearMonthDuration("P0Y0M") *
Actual Result: 
Expected Possible Result 1: 
Failure Message 1: 
Expected node type '3' but was '1' - comparing <BumbleBee_Result ...>
P0M </BumbleBee_Result> at /BumbleBee_Result[1]/text()[1] to
<results...> at /BumbleBee_Result[1]/results[1]

Because of these errors, is it reasonable to assume that none of the
products you wrote adapters for currently have a close to 100% score on
all the tests?

Your other changes helped quite a bit. We now have an 83.3% (*) score on
the usecases tests (I may as well say it as I attach an Adapter for
X-Hive/DB). We have failures in Strong.bee because we do not implement
import schema yet, and errors in R.bee that we have to look into

I attached my adapter implementation for X-Hive/DB as indicated that I
would yesterday, maybe it can be useful to others.

Kind regards,


*) with doc -> document rewrite in adapter and adjustment of
declarations in queries to latest spec.
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