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Getting back to the XQuery on the mainframe discussion, here is what I am
envisioning I need to do:
The current mainframe batch process sequentially reads thru a QSAM file and
cuts a feed to a COBOL program that runs the rules.  I want to replace the
COBOL program with a program that can execute XQuery expressions.  I will
need something that takes the feed and converts it to XML.  The XML will
then be passed to a program that can execute XQuery and pass back the
result.  The result will then be converted back to a COBOL copybook type
layout and returned to the original program.  Does this sound possible ???
It's been quite a few years since I've worked on the "big iron".

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I am not sure from your question exactly what scenario you're talking

However it is worth noting that IBM this week acquired a mainframe data
integration firm called CrossAccess, which was pitched as filling out
its DB2 Information Integrator (II) strategy


DB2 II is where IBM plans to instantiate xQuery, and as such it looks as
if IBM is potentially moving in a helpful direction. Assuming xquery is
mapped to mainframe data sources accessed natively using CrossAccess
connector technology.

Until IBM delivers a native XML store for DB2 however, some of the
xQuery productization is on hold.

IBM was partnering with Nimble Technologies for xQuery support, but
Actuate acquired Nimble, so I am not sure of the status of that deal.

Hope that helps a little but I am not sure we understood your problem.

As SoftwareAG points out, Tamino already offers xQuery support on the

Are you running 390 or ZOS, or VM/VSE or whatever? Which IBM mainframe

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Not in the Yukon beta, but I am in the Whidbey alpha program.
The mainframe OS is IBM.

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