[xquery-talk] Library Modules and URIs

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Thu Sep 18 17:35:56 PDT 2003

I think some people are thinking in terms of having a fairly close
association between the namespace used for a set of elements and
attributes, and a module that contains functions applicable to those

Michael Kay

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> Subject: [xquery-talk] Library Modules and URIs
> I was curious how everyone is using the URI field (string 
> literal) to define a library module within xquery.  I have 
> been considering the following approach (within Java) and 
> would like some opinions from this group on the approach.
> The approach centers around using a Java packaging scheme 
> style as the URI for a library module.  For example, I could 
> place a group of utility functions within a library module 
> with a URI of "com.elsevier.xquery.functions.util".  The 
> XQuery engine would conceivably either directly map this URI 
> to the physical location of the library module (would not 
> require the "at location" when importing the module) or else 
> it would provide a base path for the location of library 
> modules (via some form of configuration option) and would 
> require the "at location" when importing the module.  If the 
> latter approach is used, the URI described above could easily 
> become the path (by replacing the '.' with '/') appending to 
> the base path for locating the library module.
> One could then easily author a 'wrapper' object which accepts 
> the  URI for the library module contianing the needed 
> function, function name, and array of parms to then invoke 
> the function.  This nicely separates the XQuery code from the 
> Java code.  This also allows a Java style of packaging for 
> XQuery functions.
> In any case, I would be curious to anyones thoughts on this 
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