[xquery-talk] XQuery, 4-way fusion of technologies (audio programs now available)

Ken North kennorth at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 2 21:14:57 PST 2004

During Software Development 2004, we recorded a panel discussion about software
trends and the marriage of SQL, XML, web services and grid computing. The panel

-Rick Cattell           author and Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems
-Peter Coffee          author and Technology Editor, eWEEK
-Daniela Florescu    co-editor of W3C specs and Senior Software Engineer, BEA
-Jim Gray                author and Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Research
-Jim Kleewein         Distinguished Engineer, IBM Silicon Valley Lab
-Jim Melton            author, Editor ISO/IEC SQL standard, Oracle

We haven't released the video yet but you can listen to the audio at:

Part 1:
Overview, introductions                                             0:00
Federated Databases                                                 7:20
Integration Challenge with Heterogeneous Data        10:47
Data Access                                                            16:56
XQuery                                                                   18:55
Java for Grids and Web Services                             20:47
Are New Standards Marginalizing SQL?                  24:19
Technology Adoption                                               33:02
Security                                                                   37:48

Part 2
Impact of Open Source                                             0:30
Are web services a niche solution?                             5:20
Standards and open source coherence                       9:15
Open source competition and Oracle's strategy        11:13
National efforts to undermine standards                   12:48
Mobile devices and software                                   14:45
Mobile devices and XML                                       17:52
XQuery status and 2.0 features                               18:22
RFIDs                                                                    20:48
SQL and XML sub-languages                                 22:41

Ken North
www.GridSummit.com (coming soon)

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