[xquery-talk] General comparisons of speed of xquery vs. xslt

Karr, David david.karr at wamu.net
Mon Apr 26 10:07:19 PDT 2004

Is there any justification to believe that xquery implementations have
the potential to be more "performant" than xslt implementations?  In
perusing xquery articles and specifications in the last few months, I
feel like I read somewhere that the xquery specification specifically
addresses shortcoming with XSLT that tended to create performance
problems.  Please tell me if I imagined that.

I'm mostly concerned with the domain of enterprise application
integration, and not really the domain of ordinary web content.  In EAI,
we tend to find numerous small translations, as opposed to large

This doesn't address specific XSLT or Xquery implementations, just a
general trend.

Perhaps this isn't a fair question to ask on the Xquery list :) , but
except for performance issues, if you had to choose between two
XML-based EAI frameworks, one which uses Xquery, and one which does not
(substituting XSLT, for instance), can you think of any strong reasons
to go either way?

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