[xquery-talk] Query provides results which dont match

Tina Gey bettibu2001 at yahoo.de
Thu Aug 5 13:49:01 PDT 2004


I am a newbie to xquery and working with the xml
database exist. In there i have documents with the
following structure:
<dokument id="XY">
 <schritt nr="">
  <taetigkeit />
  <mitarbeiter />

Now I am trying the following simple query:
"Testroutine", "Entwickler")]

I thought this would only provide the documents which
have both string within the "dokument"-Tag.
but this does not happen. There are also shown
documents which obviously don't match even one of the
string. I have the feeling that my data might be
corrupt, cause nothing works. I also tried queries
for $x in collection(...) let $y:= $x/dokument where
$y[. &= "Testroutine Entwickler"] return $y

or even:
for $x in collection(...)//dokument let $y:= ($x/titel
union $x/schritt) where $y[. &= "Testroutine
Entwickler"] return $y

everything...Please help me! Thanks


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