[xquery-talk] Problems with user defined functions

sandhya rao mg_sandhya at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 2 14:37:05 PST 2004


I am using XQuery of X-Hive db. I started using it
just a few days back. So, I am pretty new to this and
my question is very trivial I guess :).

I am trying to use my own function. 

String userFunctions = " define myFunction() { ... }

But when I execute the query like - 
XhiveLibraryIf rootLibrary = xml_db.getRoot();
rootLibrary.executeXQuery(userFunctions), I am getting
error saying that, 

-  [java] XQuery sample failed:

 [java] com.xhive.error.XhiveException:
XQUERY_PARSE_ERROR: line 1: node test 'define' used
without context node

I would really appreciate if you could tell me how
exactly to use user-defined functions in X-Hive/XQuery
programs ?

Thanks a lot !!


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