[xquery-talk] Use of for in XQuery

Amitabh Ojha amitabhojha at rediffmail.com
Thu Jul 15 17:46:18 PDT 2004

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Dear Sirs,

pl see the XQuery as follows :-

let $a := doc ("boxes.xml")/boxes/box

let $b := $a/length
let $c := $a/breadth

let $d := count ($a)

let $area := ()

for $i in (1 to $d) return 
sum (($area,$b[$i]*$c[$i])) 

The xml document is as follows :-

<box id="1">
<box id="2">
<box id="3">

As u would have guessed, I wish to summate the length*breadth for all boxes. But when I apply the above Xquery, for each iteration of the for statement, the $area is being taken as () even as I expect it to increment each time. The other thing is that I wish to first let the for statement do the summation and then finally I let return statement execute just once giving the sum. Right now, the return statement executes with each iteration of for (each time taking $area as () ) and I am unable to stop that : I just wish one final summation result.

Will be grateful for any advice/ help on this.


Amitabh Ojha

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