[xquery-talk] XQuery treatment of xs:positiveInteger?

David Sewell dsewell at virginia.edu
Tue Jul 20 00:31:29 PDT 2004

Given the following XQuery code:

  declare namespace my = "uri:foo";

  declare function my:simple-add($x as xs:positiveInteger,
                                 $y as xs:positiveInteger) as xs:positiveInteger
      { $x + $y };

  my:simple-add(2, 3)

Shouldn't this happily produce '5' for output, as it would if the data
types were all xs:integer?

I get complaints about argument type when I run this on three different
XQuery processors. For example, Saxon 8:

"Required type of first argument of my:simple-add()
  is xs:positiveInteger; supplied value has type xs:integer"

How can '2' not be interpreted as xs:positiveInteger?  (Adding a "+"
before the arguments doesn't make a difference.)

Am I missing something totally obvious about use of derived data types,
or is this a parser bug?


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