[xquery-talk] ANN: Stylus Studio 5 XML IDE Adds XQuery Development Support for Saxon

Ivan Pedruzzi ipedruzz at progress.com
Thu Jul 22 12:05:26 PDT 2004

Dear XQuery Developer,

The Stylus Studio Team is pleased to announce new support for the Saxon
7 XQuery processor in Stylus Studio 5's advanced XQuery editing and
Mapping tools.

Stylus Studio 5 is now available for free trial download at:

Stylus Studio's support for XQuery development includes tools such as:

XQuery Editor - Full support for editing and testing any XQuery

XQuery Mapper - Build XQuery code using intuitive drag-and-drop
techniques and Stylus Studio's shortcut menus. Automatically create
FLOWR statements and build XPath expressions using nothing more than a
click of the mouse. You can view the XQuery code that Stylus Studio
creates as you use the Mapper - the source and Mapper are fully editable
and synchronized.

XQuery Profiler - Benchmark and tune advanced XQuery expressions using
customizable performance metrics. Use the standard report, or use Stylus
Studio's data to create your own. 

XQuery Debugger - Set breakpoints and step through the evaluation of any
XQuery expression to locate and eliminate XQuery errors. 

XQuery Scenarios - See how your XQuery performs against a variety of
input and output documents, set parameter values, and configure
Profiling options. 

For detailed information about Stylus Studio's enhanced support for
XQuery, visit: http://www.stylusstudio.com/xquery.html

Additionally, Stylus Studio's benchmark support for XSLT includes many
of the same tools and features provided for XQuery, including support
for the Saxon XSLT processor:

XSLT Editor - A truly XSLT-centric and highly productive editing module
for XSLT development. 

XSLT Mapper - Create XSLT graphically, using intuitive drag-and-drop to
define xsl:for-each, xsl:value-of, and other XSLT statements. View the
XSLT Stylus Studio creates while you map. 

XSLT Profiler - Record performance metrics such as call tree execution
time, execution time by XSLT element, or log step-by-step execution

WYSIWYG XSLT Designer - Visually develop XSLT stylesheets to transform

XSLT Debugger - Quickly identify bugs in any XSLT stylesheet. Debugging
features let you watch variables; Call Stack and Backmap Stack windows
display processing history and let you quickly jump back into the code. 

XSLT Scenarios - Use scenarios to specify parameters and post-processing
options, processors (including Saxon, Xalan-J, and .NET), and Profiling

Learn more about Stylus Studio's industry leading XSLT tools at: 


Ivan Pedruzzi
Stylus Studio Team

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