[xquery-talk] [ANNOUNCE] Sedna XML DBMS released in open source

Maxim Grinev maxim at grinev.net
Thu Nov 18 17:14:28 PST 2004

[apologies for multiple postings]

Sedna XML DBMS is now available in source code under Apache License 2.0. You
can find the source code of the currently developed version 0.3 from
http://www.modis.ispras.ru/Development/sedna.htm. Please note that the code
is unstable and we do not recommend to use it in production projects, for
benchmarking Sedna, etc.

Going free and open source with Sedna, we aim at getting more people
involved in using Sedna, giving us feedback and contributing to the actual
development of the code and documentation. Everybody's input is welcome!

Features under development are:
- Support for Linux
- Document collections (that allows effective querying over a large
collection of similar XML documents)
- XQuery support extensions: user-defined XQuery functions
- XML namespaces
- Database Security
- Unicode
- Regular Expression Library for XQuery
- XQuery library for querying relational databases in SQL
- ACID Transactions and Recovery

- Available for free in open source form
- Native XML DBMS implemented from scratch in C/C++ and Scheme
- Support for the W3C XQuery language (partial support for the latest
working drafts of 29th October 2004)
- Support for a declarative update language
- Native XML data storage structures designed for efficient support for both
queries and updates (no underlying relational or another DBMS). The XML data
storage is based on descriptive schema (derived from data, also called
- Efficient support for stand-alone XML documents with arbitrary structures
and collections of XML documents with similar structures
- Java API and Scheme API for application development
- Open client/server protocol over sockets that allows implementing APIs for
other programming languages
- A data definition language that allows creating/droping XML documents and
collections, printing the names of the documents stored in database,
printing the descriptive schema of XML documents.
- Administration via easy-to-use command line utilities
- Supplied with extensive documentation including Quick Start

Please, notice that using the client/server protocol you can easily
implement APIs for your favorite programming language. We will be happy to
support you in doing this.

Best regards,
Maxim Grinev
The Sedna team

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