[xquery-talk] new adapters

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Wed Nov 24 11:55:22 PST 2004

Open source developers would be much more ready to provide up-to-date
adapters for bumblebee if bumblebee were itself open source!

Michael Kay

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> hello everyboy,
> i'm writing my final thesis (computer science) about XMLs' native
> databases and i'm using an evaluation version of bumblebee to compare.
> But, i see, adapters for all XQuery open-source engines are 
> out of date.
> Just putting .jar files of new releases of XML-databasese in 
> /lib/ext of 
> bumblebee is not enough! needs new adapter, i suppose, right?
> where i could found new adapters? i have to implement by myslf?
> another question: i didn't found evaluating version of 
> Cerisent and Ipedo,
> someone know where could i fount these?
> eventually a little suggestion: in my thesis i'm analyzing eXist
> (eXist.sourceforge.net) and seems a valid XML native DBMS opensource,
> Wolfgang Meier the leader of project wrote an adapter for 
> bumblebee, why
> not include that in standard release of bumblebee?
> thanks,
> Mauro Maiorca
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