[xquery-talk] new adapters

Stephen Buxton stephen.buxton at oracle.com
Sun Nov 28 11:56:07 PST 2004


  Might I suggest that you also consider Oracle as an XML native database?
  Oracle stores XML in a native XML type (XMLType), performs XSLT 
natively, supports native XML querying using extensions to SQL, and will 
soon support native XQuery execution. It seems unfair to rule out the 
Oracle database just because it does a lot of other things as well -- 
native full-text query over XML and formatted documents, ACID 
transaction processing, fine-grained security, etc. etc.

- Steve B.

Mauro Maiorca wrote:

>hello everyboy,
>i'm writing my final thesis (computer science) about XMLs' native
>databases and i'm using an evaluation version of bumblebee to compare.
>But, i see, adapters for all XQuery open-source engines are out of date.
>Just putting .jar files of new releases of XML-databasese in /lib/ext of 
>bumblebee is not enough! needs new adapter, i suppose, right?
>where i could found new adapters? i have to implement by myslf?
>another question: i didn't found evaluating version of Cerisent and Ipedo,
>someone know where could i fount these?
>eventually a little suggestion: in my thesis i'm analyzing eXist
>(eXist.sourceforge.net) and seems a valid XML native DBMS opensource,
>Wolfgang Meier the leader of project wrote an adapter for bumblebee, why
>not include that in standard release of bumblebee?
>Mauro Maiorca
>talk at xquery.com

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