[xquery-talk] incomplete results

Wolfgang Meier wolfgang at exist-db.org
Tue Nov 30 21:00:27 PST 2004

Hi Cindy,

as you are obviously passing this to eXist's eval(), I just thought it 
might be a bug in my code, so I tried each of the three queries you 
generated. However, I always get the "n" attribute returned correctly. 
Are you sure your if statement selects the right alternative? The last 
one doesn't use the @n attribute.


> Hi.
>   I have a query that is testing for a specific id attribute, then
>   returning an extra attribute in the results. It appears
>   to be working, except that the additional attribute (the 'n' att),
>   just doesn't appear in the results. No error is issued anywhere,
>   it's just not there.
>   Any ideas what I can be doing wrong or how to better troubleshoot
>   it? The code is listed below.
>   Thanks.
> (  and thanks to Michael, Jeni, and David Sewell for helping me fix my
>   atrocious syntax problems. )

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