[xquery-talk] Re: [XOM-interest] [ANN] Nux-1.0a2 - XQuery support for XOM

Wolfgang Hoschek whoschek at lbl.gov
Tue Oct 12 17:29:47 PDT 2004


Lots of fuzz about a little patch adding one constructor argument to  

As you are well aware of, the XOM code you refer to retains your  
copyright and license (see the source code). Instead of a copy and  
paste it is a simple patch adding an additional constructor argument to  
XSLTransform, and we've been discussing this patch per mail for a quite  
some time now. I'd be more than happy for that patch (or something  
equivalent) to find its way into XOM proper, and as soon as that  
happens I can drop the patched XSLTransform class. Then, there will be  
no XOM code in Nux, and hence no issue. You indicated that that would  
probably happen once you've got xom-1.0final out of the door.

Further, you raised the license concern in prior mails, but said you  
wouldn't be upset by that patch being in Nux for the time being, so I'm  

As far as net.sf.saxon.xom is concerned, I fail to see your point.  
Michael Kay (the saxon author) and me have developed that code, and it  
is of course under the Mozilla license (again see the source code). As  
soon as that code will be released (bundled) with saxon-8.2 that code  
can be dropped from the nux codebase as well. Again, you and me have  
talked about that before, and this is no news to you.

Lastly, I mailed you and asked for comments before I'd announce the  
release. You did bring up interesting and valid technical points for  
which I'm thankful, so I'm more than puzzled by your response now,  
lacking any kind of community spirit, as far as I can see.

If this athmosphere continues like this, I will soon get close to  
dropping all XSL classes and provide independent XSL based on native  
saxon rather than TRAX, just like I do with XQuery. Would that be  
better in your opinion? The only reason I am not doing this already is  
so that XOM users would not get confused by two separate approaches  
towards XSLT functionality.

Please clarify.

Those who are interested, please get the source, check it out and form  
your own opinion on this.


On Oct 12, 2004, at 3:30 PM, Elliotte Harold wrote:

> Wolfgang,
> As I warned you earlier, there is a serious license conflict here.  
> This product includes code directly copied and pasted from XOM, which  
> is fine, but only if you publish your modified code under the LGPL or  
> GPL.
> You also seem to have incorporated code from Saxon, which I think is  
> published under the Mozilla Public License 1.0, at least according to  
> the Saxon sourceforge page. This license is *not* compatible with the  
> Unless you can talk either Michael or me into licensing our code to  
> you under the other's license, you have to split Nux up and release it  
> as separately licensed products. I don't think you have used Saxon  
> code and XOM code together in any one class, so this should be  
> possible without undue effort, but it does need to be done.
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