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Cindy Girard clm6u at virginia.edu
Tue Apr 19 12:18:16 PDT 2005

I have the following code:

for $entries in collection($collctn)//TEI.2/text[contains(., $keyword1)]
 concat ("for $entries in collection('", $collctn, "')//TEI.2[. &= '*", $keyword1, "*']
   and collection('", $collctn, "')//TEI.2[. &= '*", $keyword2, "*']",
 " return <doc>{$entries//TEI.2/@n, $entries//TEI.2/@id, $entries//TEI.2/text/@type, $entries//text//head[1]}</doc>")

And I get the following error:
XMLDBException occurred: cannot convert value of type xs:boolean to a node set

I understand the error, but not where it applies. Is it obvious to
everyone else?  I'm still learning
xquery - any pointers to good documentation or samples would be


CG> Hi,

CG>   Does anyone have samples of simple keyword searches that they'd be
CG>   willing to share using 'and' and 'or?'

CG>   I can't seem to get mine working.

CG>   Thanks,


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