[xquery-talk] XQuery Coding Guidelines

McBeath, Darin W (ELS-AMS) D.McBeath at elsevier.com
Thu Aug 18 21:25:03 PDT 2005

Thanks Frank.

Regarding your comment below about Javadoc, I would suggest you take a look
at xqDoc (http://xqdoc.org).  We created this specifically to address the
issues you describe below.  We had a code review this week and part of the
packet distribution included the xqDoc for all of the XQuery modules ...
everyone found this extremely useful for understanding the code and how
everything fit together.  There is some sample output available on the web
site.  I would be interested in any feedback on xqDoc and also whether this
works with Raining Data.  

I have also recently made a version of xqDoc 'lite' (but not published it
yet) that works without an underlying XML database (i.e. Saxon).  Although
not as full featured as the 'big' xqDoc, it is still very useful.

Feel free to drop me a note with any questions (or problems) with xqDoc.


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Hi Darin: XQuery Coding Guidelines is a worthy effort and I would  
like to help.

I'm a Java and Jython developer at heart. When I was learning how to  
code applications using XQuery I kept looking for an analog to  
Javadoc. Something that would let me quickly find the basic  
information on the syntax, a link to example code, and links to other  
uses of the same code. The content needs to be deliverable through a  
browser and searchable through Google.

I'm prepared to spend my time and money to make something like this  


On Aug 18, 2005, at 10:40 AM, McBeath, Darin W (ELS-AMS) wrote:

> I was curious if anyone has developed a set of general non-vendor  
> specific  XQuery Coding guidelines?  I've been contemplating  
> developing such a document (using the Sun Java Coding Guidelines as  
> a starting point) but did not want to begin this endeavor if  
> someone has already authored such a document.  I am also curious if  
> others would find such a document useful and would be willing to  
> either participate in developing such a document (or offering  
> comments).
> Let me know your thoughts.
> Darin.
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