[xquery-talk] Regular Expression search

Martin Probst martin at x-hive.com
Thu Dec 15 09:46:55 PST 2005


be careful with expressions like //*[matches(. "...")]. Because regular
expressions can be _very_ complex it's impossible to speed this query up
by an index, so you'll be matching the RegExp over each node in the
document - not good. Better take "contains()" or "starts-with()" for
simple queries.


On Wed, 2005-12-14 at 15:23 -0300, Elarrat, EFC wrote:
> Me again...just trying to know the following:
> <tagA>
>     <subTagA>My Name Is Eduardo</subTagA>
> </tagA>
> <tagB>
>     <subTagB>My Name Is Elarrat</subTagB> //Corrected! =)
> </tagB>
> I saw the matches function and I got it well (I think...), but could
> anybody please give me an example of how to use the matches function
> on this case? like, searching for all tags that contains "Name"? Like
> "Name*" or "*Name"?
> If somebody doesn't understand, please ask Howard to translate it for
> you =)
> Thanks a lot
> Eduardo Elarrat
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