[xquery-talk] [ANN] nux-1.0rc1 release candidate now available

Wolfgang Hoschek whoschek at lbl.gov
Fri Jan 7 11:58:12 PST 2005

This is to announce the nux-1.0rc1 release candidate available at


Nux is a small, natural, straightforward, and surprisingly effective 
open-source extension of the XOM XML library.
This release is synchronized and works in tandem with the recent 
saxon-8.2 and xom-1.0 final releases.

Features include:
	• 	 Seamless W3C XQuery and XPath support for XOM.
	• 	 Efficient and flexible pools and factories for XQueries, XSL 
Transforms, as well as document Builders that validate against various 
schema languages, including W3C XML Schemas, DTDs, RELAX NG, 
Schematron, etc.
	• 	 Optional serialization and deserialization of XOM XML documents to 
and from  an efficient and compact custom binary XML data format (bnux  
format), without loss or change of any information.  Serialization and 
deserialization is much faster than with the standard textual XML 
format, and the resulting binary data is more compressed than textual 
	• 	 For simple and complex continuous queries and/or transformations 
over very large or infinitely long XML input,  a convenient streaming 
path filter API combines full XQuery and XPath support with 
straightforward filtering.
	• 	 Glue for integration with JAXB and for queries over ill-formed 
	• 	 Well documented API. Ships in a jar file that weighs just 60 KB.

Nux is geared towards versatile embedded integration and interchange, 
in particular for high-throughput server container environments (e.g. 
large-scale Peer-to-Peer messaging network infrastructures over 
high-bandwidth networks, scalable MOMs, etc). But its simplicity also 
makes it useful for client side XML query/transformation workflow 


	• 	This release is synchronized and works in tandem with the recent 
saxon-8.2 and xom-1.0 final releases.
	• 	Nux now works with the recent saxon-8.2 release, hence implementing 
W3C XQuery Working Draft 29 October 2004. The download includes the 
saxon8.jar file from saxonb-8.2.  As far as we can tell from testing, 
it is not necessary to include any JAXP-1.3 jars (i.e. dom.jar, 
jaxp-api.jar) in the classpath, even when running saxon-8.2 with JDK < 
1.5. This is good news because it avoids licensing problems as well as 
classpath, version, redistribution and deployment problems.  Let us 
know if you find Nux use cases where JAXP 1.3 is required.  In any 
case, this Nux release should continue to work fine with the old 
	• 	NodeWrapper for XQuery: Performance improvements for iteration over 
XPath axes. Now executes queries at up to 200 MB/s.
	• 	Low-level glue for native Saxon integration of XOM is now separated 
out into saxon8-xom.jar.
	• 	Added simple command line demo that runs a given XQuery against a 
set of files and prints the result sequence. See XQueryCommand.
	• 	BinaryXMLCodec: General performance and memory improvements.  Now 
parses up to 101 MB/s.
	• 	Javadoc improvements
	• 	Building nomore requires JUnit - simply type "ant jar"


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Distributed Systems Department    |
Berkeley Laboratory               |

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