[xquery-talk] Reg. a universal schema file

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Mon Jan 10 09:25:41 PST 2005

> Is there some kind of a universal schema file that can be used to
> validate any well-formed XML document??

I think the answer to that is in principle yes, but in practice no.

In principle you can validate a document by specifying either an element
declaration or a type. Every document validates against the type xs:anyType.
However, many schema processors only support the option to validate against
an element declaration, and in that case, the schema must have an element
declaration whose name matches the outermost element of the instance
> Also, in 'galax',  is it possible to run xqueries on a document for
> which i do not have the context file or the schema file?? 

You'll have to ask someone who knows Galax.

Michael Kay

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