[xquery-talk] Group by - problems!!!

Meeru Enterprise meeruenterprise at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 14:03:29 PST 2005

Hi All,
I have got the hang of xquery however, just have one shortcoming!
please have a look and see what i am doing wrong, been banging my head
for a few hours and cant seem to get it, here goes,

let $doc := doc("Big.xml")
for $a in distinct-values($doc//OTY)
let $uniquename := for $g in $a
                      where $g = $a
                      return $g
let $occurences := for $g2 in $doc//OTY
                       where $g2[text() eq $a]
                       return $g2
let $links := for $x in $doc
                       where $x//OTY = $a
                  return $x//AID[@id]
        <name>{ $uniquename }</name>
        <occurences>{ count($occurences) } </occurences>
        <links>{ $links) } </links>

Basically all i am trying to do is to get a unique element name along
with its number of occurences , that all is perfect and works 100%.
Then i want to find out which record that appeared in and get the
corresponding record id($links, as of now it matches all records for
all unique elements) , thats where i am failing, need a fresh set of
eyes to see this, i am going absolutely mad!!!! thank you in advance!

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