[xquery-talk] Re: Attribute node whose parent is a document node

Pierrick Brihaye pierrick.brihaye at free.fr
Fri Jul 8 00:30:51 PDT 2005

Hi again,

Pierrick Brihaye a écrit :

> My problem is that the error message was returned by :
> root/county/district/town
> or
> root/county/district/town/town
> At least 3 parents, uh ?
> I may be missing something obvious, but what ?

OK. I've got it. An easy demonstration from this query :

let $a := <county name="Devon"/>
let $b := "Devon"

return ($a/@name, $b)

With the -wrap paramter in Saxon, everything becomes clear :

<result:sequence xmlns:result="http://saxon.sf.net/xquery-results" 
    <result:attribute name="Devon"/>
    <result:atomic-value xsi:type="xs:string">Devon</result:atomic-value>

In french : "il ne faut pas mélanger les torchons et les serviettes" :-)

Any hint on my <attribute>{$a/county/district/town/@name}</attribute> 
processing ?

Thank you very much. Good night.


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