[xquery-talk] Re: Attribute node whose parent is a document node

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Thu Jul 7 17:08:18 PDT 2005

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 > Any hint on my <attribute>{$a/county/district/town/@name}</attribute>
 > processing ?

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> Where does <attribute name="Aylesbeare"/> come from ?

That's interesting. To recap (and simplify) the piece of code that's
producing the result you're getting:

let $a :=
<county name="Devon">
     <district name="East Devon">
         <town name="Axminster" pct="East Devon">
             <town name="Abbey Gate"/>
         <town name="Aylesbeare" pct="East Devon"/>

<attribute>{ $a/county/district/town/@name }</attribute>

Your code is trying to return the two @name attributes that are reachable
via the given path. These are then getting "hoisted" as attributes into the
newly constructed <attribute> element containing them. 

The latest version of the spec says that having duplicate attributes (ie
attributes of the same name, something not permitted in xml) in a direct
element constructor should raise a static error. Saxon leniently resolves
the issue by simply picking the second of the two ("Aylesbeare"), while
Galax even more accomodatingly accepts both:

<attribute name="Axminster" name="Aylesbeare"/>

Mark Logic, tho operating under an older spec, says "XML Parsing Error:
duplicate attribute", which seems to be in accord with the latest version of
the wd.

Anyone disagree with how I'm reading the spec?


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