[xquery-talk] xqDoc Web Service now available

McBeath, Darin W (ELS-AMS) D.McBeath at elsevier.com
Thu Jul 21 23:22:57 PDT 2005

The xqDoc development team would like to announce the release of the xqDoc
Conversion Web Service to assist with the generation of xqDoc XML.  The
xqDoc Conversion Web Service will make it easier to integrate xqDoc into the
enterprise by eliminating the need to download and install the xqDoc
conversion package (this logic will be contained in the remote xqDoc
Conversion Web Service).  All that will be required is an XML database and
the xqDoc XQuery presentation scripts.  Furthermore, the xqDoc Web Service
will provide xqDoc XML for the W3C XPath F&O and the MarkLogic proprietary
built-in functions (eliminating the need to worry about the xqDoc
translation scripts).  Visit the Web Services 'background' and 'demo app'
pages on the xqDoc web site for more information.  The 'background' page
provides information on the WSDL, Bindings, and supporting XML Types.  The
'demo app' is a representative GUI SOAP client that interacts with the xqDoc
Conversion Web Service.  We are interested in feedback concerning the xqDoc
WSDL, Binding, and supporting XML Types.  After we incorporate the xqDoc
user community feedback, our plan is to make the xqDoc Conversion Web
Service available to provide users with the opportunity to generate their
own SOAP clients.


Some other miscellaneous enhancements were also released including the
support for naming links within an @see xqDoc comment and a bug fix in the
May 2003 grammar.


We welcome your feedback. 




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