[xquery-talk] Selecting Descendants

EXTERNAL Kruse Peter (Praktikant; CR/AEF4) external.Peter.Kruse at de.bosch.com
Mon Jun 13 18:13:31 PDT 2005

Hi folks

I'm seeking a way to select only those descandants in a tree which fit a
criterion but not their descandants (even if those fit the critirion as

I know, you can select with //node-name, but that will give back
children of node-name with name node-name as well and i don't want them
(got it?)

I have a tree like this

	<B name="b1">
		<B name="b2">
	<B name="b3">
	<B name="b4">
		<B name="b5">
			<B name="b6">

And i want to select b1, b3, b4, b5 (but not b2 and b6, because their
parents (or one of there ancestors) is already selected).

Any hints?

Kind Regards
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