[xquery-talk] Returning dublicates

Howard Katz howardk at fatdog.com
Fri Jun 17 08:48:39 PDT 2005

How about this:
declare function local:get-distinct( $node as node()* )
     for $distincts in fn:distinct-values( $node )
     return $distincts
     let $root := doc( "test_2.xml" )/A
     for $distinct-text in local:get-distinct( $root/B )
         if ( count( $root/B[ . = $distinct-text ] ) >= 2 )
         then <B>{ $distinct-text }</B>
         else ()


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Hi list, 
You are always a very big help for me, so i feel free to ask more questions.

I have an XML tree (of course) and want to find those nodes with certain
properties, which exists twice (or more). 

So i have 

And i'd like to have a result like 

Note: <B>tom</B> is not included in the result, because there is only one
occurance of <B>tom</B> 

Thank you all for your patients and have a nice weekend 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Best Regards 

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