[xquery-talk] range implementations -- which is correct?

Howard Katz howardk at fatdog.com
Tue Jun 21 15:47:46 PDT 2005

What's the result of invoking

       ( <a/>, <b/>, <c/> )[ 1 to 2 ]


MarkLogic 3.0 (May 2003 wd) returns


Galax 0.5.0 (Oct 2004 wd) returns


Saxon 8.4 (Feb 2005 wd) returns

   "Error: Effective boolean value is not defined for a sequence
    of two or more items starting with an atomic value

The situation is made somewhat more confusing because each implementation is
implemented against a different version of the wd. More precisely there are
two questions:

(1) Which of the above results are correct (or incorrect) for the version of
the working draft against which they were implemented, and
(2) Which are correct (or incorrect) against the most recent working draft
of April 2005?


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