[xquery-talk] [ANN] xqDoc 1.0 Release

McBeath, Darin W. (ELS) D.McBeath at elsevier.com
Mon Mar 7 16:13:23 PST 2005

After several months of development, Elsevier, Inc. is pleased to announce
the initial release of xqDoc, an open source XQuery documentation tool. 


xqDoc provides a simple vendor neutral solution for documenting XQuery
library and main modules, as well as tools to generate a user friendly
presentation of this documentation and cross referencing information. This
is being accomplished through (4) specific components: 

1.	xqDoc proposes a new commenting convention that extends the
currently defined XQuery comment style. This convention is modelled after
Java's Javadoc commenting style, and provides a simple, uniform way to
document XQuery source code. 

2.	xqDoc defines a standard xqDoc XML schema. This schema provides a
neutral format for storing information for user-defined XQuery modules as
well as 3rd party proprietary functions that may be implemented in other
programming languages.

3.	xqDoc provides a vendor neutral Java based conversion package that
parses an XQuery library or main module and generates an xqDoc XML document
modelled after the xqDoc XML schema. Support for specific XML database
platforms is provided by writing vendor specific drivers to store the
generated xqDoc XML into the vendor's database. 

4.	xqDoc provides a vendor neutral presentation component, consisting
of XQuery main modules and a library module, that can process the xqDoc XML
document(s) stored in a XML database and generate an extensively hyperlinked
XHTML navigation interface. 

We are anxious to receive feedback on xqDoc from the XQuery development and
XML database vendor community.

Darin McBeath.
darin at xqdoc.org

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