[xquery-talk] Variable Declaration Question

McBeath, Darin W. (ELS) D.McBeath at elsevier.com
Thu Mar 10 17:42:13 PST 2005

When reading the Feb 2005 WD for XQuery, there is the following wording in
section 4.14.

All variable names declared in a library module must (when expanded) be in
the target namespace of the library module.[err:XQ0048] When a library
module is imported, variables declared in the imported module are added to
the in-scope variables of the importing module.

[ It appears that the terms 'when expanded' were added in the Oct 2004 WD ]

The next paragraph then states the following:

Variable names that have no namespace prefix are in no namespace. Variable
declarations that have no namespace prefix may appear only in a main module.

My interpretation of these (2) paragraphs is that a variable declared in the
prolog section of a library module must contain a namespace prefix.  Is this

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