[xquery-talk] xsi:type typing support

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Sat Mar 12 14:49:04 PST 2005

I think it's quite hard to find a subset that's meaningful. The only
approach I can think of that might be workable is to restrict yourself to
simple types only. 

But I can't imagine why users would want to add xsi:type="decimal" to every
<price> element in their source document, when it would be much easier to
cast the value of the element to a decimal in their queries.

Michael Kay

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> I'd like to be able to provide some very simple typing 
> support with my query
> engine. I don't however want to tackle the whole PSVI thing 
> (not having that
> many productive years ahead of me), but would be quite happy 
> if I could do a
> "schema lite" version of my engine that just supported 
> xsi:type. Is that
> doable without going the whole schema validation route? I 
> keep thinking that
> what I need to know is right there in the spec, but every time I start
> digging into it, my eyes start rolling upward in my head and 
> vertigo quickly
> ensues. Any pointers? Help my autumn years be productive 
> ones, please! :-)
> Howard
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