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Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Wed May 11 17:49:01 PDT 2005

Yes, I would agree with that. Whereas one can teach XSLT and XPath in a way
that's independent of specific environments, many XQuery implementations are
likely to be part of a database product of which XQuery forms only one part.
Of course there's also a role for "standalone XQuery", operating on
standalone XML files in much the same way as XSLT does, in which case once
again the training needs are different.
(Incidentally Saxonica does XSLT and XQuery workshops too, which tend to
fall into two categories: short one-day or half-day tutorials on the W3C
language specs, and longer hands-on courses focusing on the Saxon product).
Michael Kay


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Before considering an XQuery training class, you might want to first
consider the XQuery vendor implementation you plan to use.  For example,
many of the current different vendor implementations support varying
versions (and varying degrees) of the XQuery specification . of course, this
should settle down once the specification is finalized.  In addition, since
there is no current standard for 'update' and 'search', you will need to
rely on the proprietary extensions that are offered by each vendor's
implementation.  This is just a guess, but I would think a 'general' XQuery
training class could cover approximately 70% of your needs, but the
remaining 30% will likely need to be provided by training geared towards the
specific XQuery implementation you have selected.  Depending on your
application, I would think some 'advanced'  vendor specific training could
also  be required to achieve performance goals.

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