[xquery-talk] DTD Namespaces?

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Fri Nov 4 17:27:55 PST 2005

Namespaces and DTDs are a poor fit, because the DTD treats the prefix as
significant for validation. But the fact is that many established XML
vocabularies (e.g. XHTML and SVG) do use them in combination, and there's
therefore nothing in the XPath data model that disallows the combination.

One of the many problems that was caused by doing namespaces as a layer
above XML instead of in the core.

Michael Kay

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> I'm supporting an engineer who is doing an evaluation of TigerLogic.  
> They are using DTD's that include namespaces. It seems to me that if  
> you need namespaces you should be using XML Schema instead. I 
> haven't  
> found anything in the XQuery specs about DTD's with namespaces. Does  
> anyone have opinions either pro-or-con about using namespaces 
> in a DTD?
> -Frank
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