[xquery-talk] XQuery Test Suite results for Saxon

Michael Kay mhk at mhk.me.uk
Sat Nov 12 20:56:53 PST 2005

I have submitted test results to W3C for the latest version of the test
suite, XQTS
0.8.0, run against Saxon-SA 8.6. An HTML report of the results (using the
W3C-supplied stylesheet) is at:


All XQuery tests except those for static typing were run (a total of 8542
tests), with a 100% pass rate.

This is subject to the following qualifications:

* A number of bugs were found in the published tests or test results. These
have all been reported. The submitted results were achieved with corrected
versions of these tests.

* Four bugs were found in Saxon-SA 8.6. The tests were run with a version of
the software in which these bugs have been fixed.

* One bug was found in the language specification (relating to
op:notation-equal). The results are reported on the assumption that this
error will be fixed.

* The comparisons of test results with expected results in some cases gave a
looser match than that required by the test specification. For example, in
some cases the published results assume that whitespace text nodes are
stripped from source documents. These discrepancies are documented in the
form of comments against the reported result for each test.

Michael Kay
Saxonica Limited

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