[xquery-talk] Namespace question wrt. XQTS and XQuery/XSLT2Serialization spec

Wolfgang Hoschek wolfgang.hoschek at mac.com
Sun Nov 13 15:12:52 PST 2005

>> IMHO, serialization semantics should independent of whatever the
>> query reads. In other words the input to serialization is a
>> sequence,
>> rather than a sequence + query + namespaces.
> I don't understand this comment. The input to serialization is a  
> sequence
> plus a set of serialization parameters. Namespaces are part of the  
> input to
> serialization only insofar as as they are present in a result tree  
> being
> serialized.

Perhaps a misunderstanding. I was refering to the example you gave.
"declare copy-namespaces no-preserve, no-inherit;" may be part of a  
query, but is not part of the input parameters handed to  
serialization, and that's the way it should remain :-)


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