[xquery-talk] XQuery Style Conventions

McBeath, Darin W (ELS-AMS) D.McBeath at elsevier.com
Thu Oct 20 21:30:22 PDT 2005

The developers at xqDoc.org would like your feedback on our draft version of
"XQuery Style Conventions".  These conventions have been developed based on
our experiences with the XQuery language (and various XQuery engines) during
the past 3 years.  We would like to incorporate input from other XQuery
pioneers to make the document more robust and complete. 


When the document is finalized, we plan on making this document freely
available on the xqDoc web site.  In the interim, the draft version of the
"XQuery Style Conventions" can be found here:






We look forward to your feedback.


darin at xqdoc.org

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