[xquery-talk] XQuery Style Conventions

Till Westmann till.westmann at bea.com
Fri Oct 28 00:12:17 PDT 2005

In section 6.2 one FLWOR is indented like this:

let $set1 := (3,2,1)
let $set2 := (1,2,3)
for $x in $set2
     for $y in $set1
         $x + $y

As all for and let clauses simply add another variable and are equal  
is that respect, I think that either each one of them should be  
indented or they should all stay at the same indentation level.
Personally, I prefer to keep them all at the same level to keep the  
query compact (and it also fits well with the grammar).

Best regards,

On Oct 26, 2005, at 6:48 AM, McBeath, Darin W (ELS-AMS) wrote:

> I apologize in advance for always beginning a new thread, but my  
> current email reader is stripping out certain headers required by  
> mailman.
> Anyway, thanks for all of the feedback to date on the xqDoc Style  
> Conventions. Below, I have captured some of the comments/ 
> suggestions from the past week and have included some thoughts.  We  
> plan on incorporating the feedback that we have received over the  
> next several weeks and will disseminate a version 0.2 document by  
> the end of November 2005.  In the meantime, please keep the  
> suggestions coming and we will do our best to integrate the  
> feedback into the next version of the document.  In particular, we  
> are really interested in hearing more about your adopted best  
> practices.
> Thanks.
> Darin.
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